South African Police Clearance

We are Registered Migration Agents based in Perth, Western Australia and can assist you with a South African police clearance certificate.

As part of our migration service, we offer a third party service than can assist you with the process of applying for a South African police clearance certificate from the South African Police Service (SAPS). We do charge a service fee for this.  Our service has assisted many clients all over the world with the process of applying for a South Africa Police Clearance check. These are usually used for Australian migration, Australian citizenship, and for migration to other countries.  A benefit of using this service is that the supporting documents etc.  can be made via email to us.


The process usually takes approximately 2 – 8 weeks from submitting your application to the authorities. However as the South African Police Service (SAPS) may consult with external agencies, processing in some circumstances, may take longer than usual. The South African Police clearance certificate may disclose details of any offenses previously committed by the applicant, and details of any sentences imposed. It may also disclose any other names that the applicant has been previously known by.


Our service includes providing you with the application and fingerprint forms, advising you where to go to have your fingerprints taken, and sending the application to our contact in Pretoria, and receiving your application back by courier service.

Our total service fee is AUD $352. The fee includes the South African Police Check application fee, our service fee and any disbursements associated with your application. This includes sending the police clearance application to Pretoria and receiving it back by courier.  We also monitor the status of your application with the SAPS to ensure that we are advised when it is complete and arrange payment of the ZAR114.00 processing fee and any associated bank charges.

Please refer to the full terms and conditions if you wish to use this service and contact us if you have any questions.


Our process for assisting you with applying for a South African Police Clearance can be done in 3 easy steps.

Step 1.  Payment

Please pay our service fee of  Au$352.00 by credit card using our online payment facility. This will open a new window for payment processing. On completion please note the receipt number. The fee you are paying includes the South African Police Check processing fee of ZAR114.00, our service fee and any disbursements associated with your application, including sending and receiving your application to and from Pretoria by courier. Please note, we will not provide a tax invoice unless you request it.  Please note that an extra courier fee could be charged in the case of a SAPS error.

Step 2. Complete and Submit form

Comprehensively complete the form below.  Note you will have to enter the receipt number from your payment. Submit the form and we will revert to you with further processing instructions. You will need to email a certified copy of your South African Identity document and/or Passport photograph page to us. If you are married, you will also need to email a certified copy of your marriage certificate to us.  Ultimately you will be required to sign the form which we will email to you for verification and signature. We will inform you where you can go to have your fingerprints done. If you are outside Australia you should attend your closest police station to undertake fingerprints.

Step 3.  Finger Prints and forms

You will then need to return the signed forms, as we require an original signature, and fingerprints to us  by post  (scanned documents are not acceptable) prior to submission.

South Africa Police Clearance Form